About E and C

Welcome to All Things E and C!

This blog and site is the creation of two friends sitting down to tea talking about the fun, the struggles and the solutions to everyday life. Erika and Christine started writing down their thoughts and unique experiences and are excited to share them with you. We hope you find our posts, reviews and journeys beneficial!

Please leave comments and feedback so that we can bring you the topics you enjoy most. Check out our Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for more details and fun topics.

Meet the Team!

Meet Erika –  The E in the brand! Erika loves to spend time with her little boy when she is not busy being a single working mom in the corporate world.

We love to play with his cars, and trains, and just hanging out together.  Her mom also lives with them and the 3 of them love to take road trips to Happy Jack for mini vacations at Erika’s uncle’s cabin in the woods.  We affectionately call it “glamping”. Family time is the most important thing to us, and living a healthy life. Erika and her mom recently completed The Whole30 lifestyle “diet” and had great success, and learned a lot about meal preparation, meal planning, and making better food decisions.  Erika wantsto share some of her successes, struggles, and fun adventures with you along this crazy journey they call blogging.

Meet Christine – The C in the brand! Christine is a first time blogger writing to share her insights, challenges, successes and joy.

By day, she is a project manager for a large international financial institution, by evening she is a student continuing her college education, by night she is a wife and a mom to a fur baby, by weekend she is a bundle of joy bursting to enjoy all that life has to offer, even if that’s a good solid nap. Typically weekends are spent traveling with my husband and fur baby in our RV to places to play in our UTV. As you read, you will find that these posts are her personal stories that share her journey through life. These posts will range from family, to travel, to product reviews, to the “hey, why not.”

Our Goal!

We hope you find the content in this blog and the views Erika and Christine share to be of inspiration and value to you.