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De-Clutter Challenge That Can Make You Money!

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De-Clutter Challenge That Can Make You Money!

We all have closets, cubbies and spare rooms with items we no longer want or need. Here is a fun challenge to declutter your space and possibly make money or even better, make a difference. The quote “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure” is never more true when it comes to a simple declutter session. Be sure to have a box, or storage bin handy, you will be surprised at how much stuff you decide you no longer need.

Here is a reminder list of simple places to start to declutter. After you cleared your clutter and have a box of stuff, read further for the money making suggestions.

De-Clutter The Closet:

Will you wear it in the next 6 to 12 months? If no, put it in the box! This applies to old t-shirts, and casual items you have cluttering up your closet. Take a closer look at your shoes too. Are those pair of designer heals you bought at a clearance sale, but never wore taking up space they don’t need to? Do you have handbags that are out of style or no longer fit your needs? Do you have diaper bags that you no longer need or use?  This doesn’t have to apply to the little black dress or blazer you keep on hand, unless it’s terribly out of fashion and a size you don’t plan to wear again.

De-Clutter The Kitchen:

You can never have too much space in a kitchen. Real estate is priceless when it comes to countertop and cupboard space. Revisit those small appliances you have since upgraded, and ditch the older one. At one time we had four coffee makers, and I don’t even drink coffee! I also noticed I had a lot of décor and seasonal items I no longer use, or had missing parts to it. We all have that kitchen drawer with gadgets that were gifted to you, or that you might have needed at one time that you simply don’t need anymore. Throw it in the box!

De-Clutter The Garage:

Often times the garage can be a dumping ground for old items we don’t know what to do with, or plan to fix later. The garage can also be a collecting place for seasonal items such as decorations you no longer use, or have been replaced with newer versions. We had several strands of outdated holiday lights that we slowly replaced with LED versions. Before we knew it, we had a box of lights that needed to be disposed of, that were taking up space.

Take a moment to assess stuff that could be broken. These could be a gem of a find to someone who has the time and tools to repair it. You might be surprised at the number of duplicate tools or yard work equipment you have. An old rake, or even smaller gardening tools you no longer need, that are just taking up space.

De-Clutter The Spare Room:

Take a look around. Do you have random furniture that is no longer wanted and outdated room décor, outdated lamps and throw pillows? These odds and ends can take up a lot of space, and can make your home look cluttered and dated. Similar to the kitchen, these rooms can be the collecting place for printers and other office equipment that are either outdated or you have since upgraded. It’s time to put the old ones in the box! Keep in mind some items may need to be recycled properly, and in the case of a computer, will need to be wiped of all your personal information before selling or donating it.

Books and even magazines, can be of value to some. Books can be a source of clutter especially with e-Readers and smartphones. I found I had books 1 and 7 from an anthology series, I ended up with the entire series on my e-Reader and no longer needed the paper versions. Now, I am able to help one or more folks complete their paper collection!

De-Cluttered, now Make Money

Making money from your items can take as much or a little effort as you care to put into it. Options to make a profit range from Facebook groups to eBay to donations for tax benefits. Keep in mind, the time invested doesn’t always result in the profit returned.

Online stores such as eBay are great places for the selling of high end fashion items with little to no wear, such as those designer high heel shoes you just decluttered. Remember that old e-reader you found in the spare room, Perfect! Check to see if your version is eligible to trade in at Amazon with their buyback program. You may even have a collection of items that were gifted to you or were an impulse purchase that you will never use and are still in the original packaging. These never used items are perfect to sell with all kinds of online options, such as eBay, Swip Swap, Facebook communities, and Craigslist.

Local communities can be great resources for larger items you don’t want to pay to ship such as furniture, kitchen and office appliances or even larger appliances.

Did you find a bridesmaids dress in the declutter challenge? If so, there are web sites and Apps specifically designed to help you sell a specialty dress that you will never ever (regardless of what the bride said) wear again.

Garage Sales can be a total hit or miss, but can prove to be a fun and profitable use of time. Get your neighbors into it too. That makes eating donuts at 6AM on a Saturday morning a little more bearable. Leverage sites such as your communities group Facebook page, post an ad on Craigslist and advertise as a community sale (check with your Home Owners Association for restrictions) to bring in additional traffic.

I store unsold items back in that box or storage bin to keep them together and stored out of the way. This box becomes my colleting bin throughout the year as I declutter, and follow a cleaning schedule. When the time comes, this box is handy for the next sale. At the end of the year, if there are still items left over on the box I will donate them and start the new year with a fresh and empty storage box, ready to be filled up again.

If the selling options aren’t for you, or you simply don’t have the time and resources to sell your items, donate them to a local charity, shelter, school or church. Do something good with the things you see as clutter or your no longer needed clothing, furniture and appliances to make someone else’s life a little brighter. In addition to doing an act of kindness, you may qualify for a tax benefit. Keep the donation receipts and make notes of the items donated. When it comes time to file taxes your accountant or tax software may need details of the goods donated.


Now that your home is free of clutter, check in next week when Erika brings us a post sharing tips and tricks with a FREE printable schedule to keep your home organized and clean.


Do you have a routine or system in place to keep your home clutter free? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section!


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6 thoughts on “De-Clutter Challenge That Can Make You Money!

  1. Thanks for sharing this. My most recent blog post was all about Poshmark. Have you heard of it? You can sell your clothing and accessories on it. I’ve had some luck as I’m downsizing to make a big move overseas.


  2. This is great advice! I need to do some fall cleaning, but I often clean and then sell things on ebay. Right now I have way too many things I don’t wear/use anymore.

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