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5 Tips For Organizing A Closet

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Please join E and C in welcoming our Guest Writer Kristen who will focus on organizing a closet. We asked our good friend with real life experiences to share a few tips on how and where to get started.

Kristen is a busy mother of two young boys who has a passion for organizing. Her developing family combined with over two years of working as a professional organizer has given Kristen a great deal of hands on experience helping folks organize their space regardless of size or budget. This article will focus on tips and tricks for organizing the closet space you have, and key items to keep in mind when you reach out to a company to design an organization solution.

If there are any questions for Kristen, please use the comments below, and enjoy!



If you’re in the market for a new closet The Container Store is DEFINITELY a fantastic option. they have two choices to pick from that are two different styles and price points. Plus, they have all the solutions for the closet too. Most people think they HAVE to bring in their measurements first in order to design your closet but ya don’t, just know what’s in your closet like how many shirts, how many hats, how many shoes things like that and they will do the rest.

Now if you can’t do a new closest right now or just don’t want to there are defiantly some easy ways to organize it.


1. Hangers

These babies are greatly over looked. People think every hanger is created equal but that’s NOT true!!!!!! The BEST hanger to save space are the Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano hands down. These are the best velvet hangers on the market. Don’t be fooled by other velvet hangers; spend the money on these because the velvet is a better quality and the overall hanger can handle more weight than others. HOWEVER, I’m not in love with these when it comes to my t shirts I feel they stretch the neck out but they are perfect for blouses, slacks, really any pants and even shorts if you get the accessories clips.


2. Stack

People tend to throw things on a shelf and take up all the horizontal space but overlook the vertical space. Depending on what’s in your closet will depend on the right product but just remember wire shelving can create a ton more space above the things already on the shelf!  I love the sweater boxes or under the bed boxes to stack your seasonal items or extra shoes. Lastly if you love your shoes consider the drop-down shoe boxes; these boxes stay in place and you just open the front to get the right pair!!! Bada Bing!


3. Step-stool

Yup a silly step stool can totally help reach your vertical space better!!


4. Keep like thinks with each other

Listen, when you go out with your friends you don’t want to be separated so neither does your shoes, purses, belts, hats, pants…. They all live together in peace and harmony!!


  5. Command Hooks

Stick these guys anywhere you have space. They work very well and you can use them for towels, jewelry, hats, belts, scarfs and much more. Really anything that won’t stick too far out from the wall to be in your walking space. Plus, you can always move them around without messing up your wall.


If you are interested in more organization tips and tricks please visit our Pinterest page, or suggest a topic in the comments below!

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