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5 Cleaning Life Hacks – Tried Tested & Reviewed

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I tested five popular Cleaning Life Hacks and here you can read about my personal experiences on if they worked (or not), how to make it work better and if I would ever use them again. Hopefully my experiences can help save you time, money and frustration. Hey, it might even motivate you do clean the things you have been dreading because, well like me, you would rather be doing other things.


Microwave Cleaning Hack

Hack: Microwave a large cup or bowl of water until it boils for a few minutes. The steam will help release the junk stuck to the microwave.

Result: WIN! Think left over sticky saucy orange chicken splatter that is a pain to get up. Some hackers have added a few slices of lemon or vinegar to help with odor and sanitation. Next time I may experiment with the lemon slices.


Freshenup Baseboards

Hack: Use a dryer sheet on surfaces like baseboards for dusting

Result: Meh, it’s OK. I tried this with both fresh unused dryer sheets and used ones, since they are a bit softer. If you are going to sit/squat/kneel to clean the baseboards, might as well just do it the old-fashioned way with a cloth or brush and hot water. One of the advertised added bonuses of using a dryer sheet, is that it will repel future dust from sticking. I found that to be odd, especially when using a fresh new dryer sheet at it left a tacky film behind.

Bonus tip: Use an old used dry dryer sheet to remove deodorant off clothing without leaving behind any residue, or wetness like a damp cloth would.


Sock up the Blinds

Hack: Use a cotton sock to clean or detail window blinds

Result: Win – IF you are just doing a touch up or light maintenance. Otherwise it’s a great tool to aid in cleaning, but you will also need something like a vacuum to get the dust off the sock. For me, it works ok, I just leave the regular house vacuum running to remove the dust bunnies from the sock when it gets a little clumpy.


Can of Blow Out

Hack: Use Canned Air (like you see at the office supply store) on hard to clean items such as air vents and window sills.

Result: Fail. Did it move the dirt and debris? Yes. Did it get all over the place requiring the use of safety goggles and a vacuum? Yes. I tried this on a pesky vent in the bathroom, and I ended up with bunnies all over the room. I had to get a step stool to even reach. At that point, I might as well have removed the vent, took it to the sink, cleaned it, and put it back. If this was an outdoor cleaning activity, I say go for it. Inside, not so much.


Scrub and Soak

Hack: Use the kitchen sponge to scrub the sink before tossing in the trash

Result: Win! This works great, especially if you have a sponge with one side that is a scrubber pad. This works with the sponge heads that attach to the soap dispenser, or the standard rectangle sponge. Before you go to toss it in the trash, use it to scrub down and around the sink. I have a stainless-steel sink and have not noticed any scratches or marks. Probably due to the excessive use, and the scrubbing portion is softened a bit. This is a great last hurrah for your soapy little helper.


Have you tried an of the hacks that failed for me? Please comment below on what you did to make it a win. Hopefully these little life hacks will help save you time, and money. Stop back next week when E shares her top outdoor cleaning products.

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