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Christine’s Top 5 Cleaning Products

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We kicked the month off with two of our top home organization and cleaning posts. We continue this month with additional spring cleaning life hacks, tips and tricks. This week I share my top 5 cleaning products. I try to use these five products as often as once a day or once every three months. Being able to keep up on daily items, or limit the time needed on daily items, allows more focus on those pesky “Spring Cleaning” tasks that need more focus. Some of these products might be standards in your home, and some may be new to you. I added links to amazon for packaging reference, or quick ordering. Click the teal header for each product and it will take you to Amazon for customer reviews and other feedback too. Cleaning is not my favorite, of anything it’s my least favorite. Some of these products allow me to cut the cleaning time down so I can go back to doing things I prefer, like being with family, or watching Harry Potter movies.


Kaboom Toilet Cleaning System

This has to be one of my absolute favorite household cleaning products! I have tried several of these “leave it and forget it” type toilet bowl cleaners and this is by far the most effective with the least amount of odor. Only a slight bleach smell for a day or so. This is a system that you put into the tank and replace little bleach tablets every three months. The tablets cleans the bowl with every flush, making it sparkle with little to no effort. Now, only if it cleaned the entire throne……

Kaboom Foam

There are very few products that do what the loud fast paced shiny commercials say they do. In this case, this Kaboom product does too. In the shower, spray it on and as the foam starts to do its’ work, you can see it lifting dirt and loosening up soap scum and mildew. To help aid in cleaning, I will use a scrub brush or a magic eraser. This foam is a great product for showers, tubs and surfaces that have ick attached to it (like the shower walls). I wouldn’t recommend this for surfaces such as a counter top, but inside the sink is perfect. There are a few versions of the foam, ones that turn color, or have a less strong odor. Some of them do have a very strong cleaner scent, be sure to have on a fan or the door open.

Magic Eraser

These little rectangles of brilliance pack a lot of cleaning power in such as small space. I do want to share they are incredibly abrasive, do not use them on softer surfaces that can scratch, like a Corian countertop or laminate flooring. Paired with the Kaboom foam, cleaning the bathroom shower and tub are a breeze with little effort and not a lot of scrubbing. The erasers are also awesome for outdoor patio furniture and hard stone countertops, making them very versatile. I have seen stores sell erasers in kits with erasers focusing on bathroom, kitchen and outdoor in one box. I noticed the difference in erasers was size and scent, such as lemon for kitchen and unscented for outside.

Invisible Glass

The name of the product helps identify this is a glass cleaning product ta-da! Invisible Glass is an aerosol foam like the Kaboom, but for your mirrors and windows. The foam in this case, is just like the Kaboom, helping to loosen the stuff from the glass surface and leave behind a sparkling clear streak free clean. All you do is spray the foam and wipe away, with either a microfiber cloth or paper towel. It’s perfect for getting water marks and tooth paste off the bathroom mirrors, shine up the glass shower walls after the other foam cleans it. Amazing on windows, especially ones that have a layer of dust on them – the foam really gets to work.

Clorox Wipes

We all have these laying around the house. Why? Well, because they are everyone’s favorite and they work amazingly well on all surfaces all the time. Hence why the made my list. I have a canister of these in every room that would need sanitizing and cleaning. They are extended to other places that I need to keep clean too, such as the RV and work office. The wipes also come in a variety of scents and room focus, such as kitchen or bathroom. They are widely available from the dollar store to mega stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. I have noticed they are ok on glass surfaces to get stuff off, but leave a terrible streak. Be sure to have the Invisible Glass handy to polish everything up to make the place sparkle and shine.

I hope this post helped you discover new products or new ways to use everyday product you already have on hand. Next week Erika will share her top five cleaning products for even more helpful resources and a fun read. What is your favorite cleaning product? Please share in the comments below!

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