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Erika’s Pre and Post Vacation Routines

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My family likes to take short weekend trips or longer road trips if we have the vacation time and budget to do so.  Before each trip, I like to make sure things are organized, cleaned, and in order before leaving the house especially since I have a dog/house sitter come over to stay at the house to take care of our fur baby Gracie.

Some of my Pre-Vacation routines to be organized are:

Clear off all flat spaces in the Kitchen

I always like to leave the kitchen clean.  Before leaving the house, I ensure the island, counters, and table are free of any debris or items that should not be on them.  I completely clear off the island and the table so that it is cleared off for the house sitter.  She can keep it up as she stays and any messes she makes are easy to clear before we return home. 

The only items I keep on the counters are the Keurig, coffee pods, and my utensil crock and knife crock where I store all of my large cooking spoons and my knives.  I also have my dish rack on the counter so any dishes that need hand washing can be air dried. 


Clean and Put Away all Dishes

I always make sure all dishes are either put away in their respective cupboards, and I always make sure all the dirty dishes are put in the dishwasher.  By doing this I can ensure the house stays free of smells from dirty dishes, and makes it so nice to come back home to a clean kitchen.


Clean the Bathrooms

I really like to clean the bathrooms before leaving on a trip.  It is a nice feeling to come back home and have a clean counter, sink and toilet.  I always clean everything off the counter, wipe down the mirrors and clean the toilet.  I also ensure the shower is cleaned really good too.  I tend to use these times for a good deep clean of the bathroom.


  Make the Beds and Tidy the Bedroom

Before leaving the house for a few days I ensure I tidy up the bedroom and make the beds.  It makes for such a nice home coming when everything is orderly and clean in your personal space.  I don’t always make my bed in my haste to get out of the house for work each day, but I sure do enjoy the clean feeling I have when my bed is made. This is why I ensure it is made before going on vacation. 


Some of my Post-Vacation routines to stay organized are:

  Put away all contents in Luggage

We all know that after a vacation you need a vacation from your vacation.  To help keep things in an organized fashion throughout the house I ensure to put away everything in my luggage and put away any other items that need to be put back in their space.  I have to do this before I sit down and get lazy and recover from the past days while away from my comfort zone of my house.

Put away items in bags and ice chest

When we get home, we put away all of the items in the kitchen that we have in any bags we had for snacks or items that don’t go in the ice chest.  Things like bread, chips, and fruit.  I empty the contents of the ice chest and put everything away, dump any water and ice and let it dry outside.


Laundry, Laundry, and more Laundry

As I put away our items from our luggage I gather all of the laundry that needs to be washed and begin doing laundry before we do much of anything else.  We tend to have more laundry while on vacation so I get started on it as soon as possible.  I like to have it all washed and put away by the following day if not by the end of the night we return from our trip if we get back home early enough.  Luckily there is only 3 of us so we can usually get it done the same day.


If you like to have an organized home and continue to have the relaxed vibe from vacation, be sure to have your home cleaned and organized before leaving for vacation.  Share your tips and tricks to keeping that vacation vibe going once you return home.

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