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5 Simple Organization Hacks that Look Like Decorations

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We all have every day items that we need to have handy, but don’t always like to look at them. Here are a few simple and inexpensive organization hacks that double as decoration!

A Decorative Bowl or Basket for Throw Blankets

This time of year it’s nice to have blankets handy while on the couch, and you can never have enough fuzzy blankets. But a room can look messy when they are just laying around, or even end up on the floor, or in my case the puppy thinks they ALL belong to him. I have been trying a few options to make the most of my space without adding a lot more stuff or spending a lot of money. Many use a blanket ladder, but I don’t have much wall space. I started to use the decorative bowls and baskets we have around the room to tuck my little fluffs of heaven in. This keeps the blankets from ending up on the floor and minimizes the dust and dog hair that would normally stick, if I just left the blanket on the couch. I noticed this even adds a nice pop of texture and even color to the space.


Bonus Tip: I noticed I had a basket that was the same size as my laptop, I typically have this with me in the evenings on the couch (with my blanket and puppy). I started placing the laptop in the basket and noticed how it keeps it and the cords out of the way. Now I don’t worry so much about my drink spilling. The basket fits perfectly under my end table. This could also work great with a night stand, if you tend to surf the web in bed. This is the Sea Grass basket I use for my laptop.


Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

This genius invention double duty. It acts as a full length mirror AND stores tons of jewelry or trinkets. These comes in all colors, shapes, process and styles. I have this one with a stand that fits well in the space. I see other styles that mount to a wall. This hidden gem would be perfect if you have an odd sized room, tons of wall space, or a large closet. Many retailers offer these but here is a universal one from Amazon to check out. The way I have mine set up, no one would ever know what was in it. I get a false sense of security from that if someone were to poke around. Also – this frees up space from a shelf or counter top where I had my old-school jewelry box type box before.


Soap dish for everyday little trinkets

I’m not an interior decorator by any means, but found this little beauty when I was looking for ways to keep my little day to day items safe in my master bathroom. Soap dishes come in every variety you can imagine. I was attracted to this one based on the neutral color, but also the texture and height the stand and design gave it. This is perfect for my badge for work, my everyday watch and wedding ring. Items that I don’t put in the stand jewelry box every night. I even started to expand on this concept using a tumbler cup to hold my hair brushes. At a local store I snagged a matching bowl for all those silly bobby pins and hair bands. These little changes make it easy to disguise my go to items and still keep them handy.

Apothecary jars for bathroom essentials

I have seen this suggestion everywhere. I even ordered this set of three from Amazon and saw the product image with bathroom essentials in it. This is such a classic way to up style a bathroom with items you need access to on a daily basis. Putting these in the jars made a world of difference. Additionally, since each jar features a lid, I know the items will stay as sanitary as possible too, while being on display. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. If you have a more modern look they also make fun jars out of acrylic. Or for a more country chic style, experiment with all different sizes even colors of mason jars.


These are just a few of my around the house organization hacks. What are a few of yours? Please share in the comments below.

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19 thoughts on “5 Simple Organization Hacks that Look Like Decorations

  1. I’m a sucker for good organization. In fact, the Container Store is one of my favorite places to shop. Lol! I love the apothecary jars. I’m trying to talk my husband into using these in our bathroom, but he is 100% against it.

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